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Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, found within the western portion of the nation. It is known for its lovely canals, contract houses, and vibrant cultural scene. Amsterdam could be a city of contrasts - it incorporates a rich history and is soaks in convention, however it is additionally a present day and catholic city. One of the foremost striking highlights of Amsterdam is its arrange of canals, which have earned it the epithet "Venice of the North". The canals were built within the 17th century and are now a UNESCO World Legacy Location. They offer a beautiful background to the city, and numerous guests appreciate taking a watercraft visit to see the sights from the water. Amsterdam is additionally known for its dynamic states of mind towards social issues. The city contains a notoriety for being open-minded and tolerating, and it has been at the bleeding edge of developments for LGBT rights, sedate approach change, and environmentalism.


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